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  • How soon do I need to place an order?
    For local products: 2-3 days For special orders: 4-5 days
  • Can I add/edit once I submit my order or make any changes?
    Yes! You can send your edits/updates to
  • Do you ship to St. Barth and Anguilla?
    Yes! We can ship with the morning or late afternoon ferry or use a cargo vessel for St Barth and the provisions will get there the following morning. For now, we are unable to ship to Anguilla. Please contact us for updates.
  • How do I receive an order during the holidays?
    During the busiest time of the year such as Christmas and New Year we highly recommend you place all your orders to receive them in time. Stock does not last long so keep this in mind as well. Recommended order time is 4-6 days prior to the holiday date.
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